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Who We Are

We are a diverse, national coalition of stakeholders in more than 40 states representing the entire conservation easement ecosystem, including land trusts, landowners and others involved in conservation. P4C believes that conservation should be available to all Americans, so we can better protect our most precious land resources for generations to come.

Northern Idaho

853 Acres

Central North Carolina

1,391 Acres

Central North Carolina

606 Acres

Middle Georgia

874 Acres

Coastal Georgia

2,258 Acres

Coastal Georgia

2,214 Acres

Northern Alabama

449 Acres

Southwest Mississippi

240 acres

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What We Stand For

Our Position on IRS Notice 2017-10

The IRS issued Notice 2017-10 on December 23, 2016, designating certain donations of conservation easements by partnerships as a “listed transaction.” P4C has five primary overarching concerns with the Notice, as well as potential solutions.

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Legislative Proposals

Section 170(h) of the Internal Revenue Code has helped preserve millions of acres of land for almost 40 years. With an enhanced conservation easement incentive in 2015, the tax incentive is working as intended – and P4C supports common-sense improvements to continue to empower private conservation for more Americans.

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Best Practices for Private Land Conservation

P4C recommends several best practices our members follow when using private funding to advance conservation efforts in the United States. We encourage any qualified recipients to accept conservation donation easement donations that adhere to these guidelines.

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Latest News And Updates

We Must Encourage Conservation Efforts, Not Close Doors To Participation

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Conservation is important, but it carries a large financial commitment. Given this high financial cost, protecting our environment is too important of a mission to rely on government-run conservation alone. The private sector has the unique opportunity to take on greater responsibility in maintaining a healthy balance between economic growth…

Highland Rim of Tennessee

Private Conservation is an Essential Supplement to Government Programs

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The United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) places a heavy emphasis on conservation work, devoting billions of dollars in its annual budget to conservation programs. While all conservation is important and helps protect our natural environment, it is clear that private conservation efforts can play a larger role in protecting…

Peaceful trees and water

P4C Advocates for Common-Sense Legislative Reforms

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Partnership for Conservation (P4C), a diverse coalition of stakeholders in more than 40 states representing the entire conservation easement ecosystem, including land trusts, landowners and others involved in conservation, committed to working with all stakeholders to create an environment in which more pristine lands can be conserved. That is why…

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The U.S. population is projected to grow by 100 million and the amount of land covered with housing, roads and shopping malls will nearly triple by 2050.

Source: Land Trust Alliance


We lose 6,000 acres of wildlife habitat every day. That’s 2.2 million acres — an area the size of Yellowstone National Park — every year.

Source: Dept. of Forestry at the US Department of Agriculture



Who We Are