The Partnership for Conservation (P4C) is a national conservation group that advocates for the interests and rights of land conservation donors and land trusts, while also promoting best practices for conservation easement donations. Recognizing that government alone cannot shoulder the financial burden of conservation, P4C is working to ensure the long-term availability and integrity of conservation easement donations. Our members include representatives from the entire conservation easement ecosystem, including individuals, private companies, land trusts, sportsmen’s organizations, and conservation groups.

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P4C Goals

Our organization focuses its resources on three key areas of activity:


We stand for the highest level of integrity and best practices in private land conservation through conservation easement donations and Section 170(h).


We conduct outreach to help educate decision makers and the public about the importance and success of conservation easement donations.


We advocate for the effective, fair and compliant implementation of land conservation under Federal rules, with the objective of maximizing the conservation of land to benefit future generations.

Become a P4C Member

The Partnership for Conservation has members from more than 35 states and growing across all regions of the country. To ensure and enable further conservation of our country’s lands, natural resources and biodiversity, P4C is interested in joining forces and combining resources with all land trusts, local and national conservation groups, wildlife biologists, real estate professionals, landowners (both individual and companies), attorneys, land planners and other consultants and tradespeople involved in conservation.

P4C members benefit from:

Access to policy, legal and tax experts in land conservation related fields.
Key insights and analysis into trends, legislative updates and events impacting the industry to help protect members, clients and advisors and ensure tax incentives remain a successful vehicle to promote land conservation easements.
Monthly member-only conference calls to provide current legislative and regulatory updates.

Inquire below for more information on joining us at P4C in our pursuit to ensure land is conserved for generations to come.

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The U.S. population is projected to grow by 100 million and the amount of land covered with housing, roads and shopping malls will nearly triple by 2050.

Source: Land Trust Alliance


We lose 6,000 acres of wildlife habitat every day. That’s 2.2 million acres — an area the size of Yellowstone National Park — every year.

Source: Dept. of Forestry at the US Department of Agriculture